american werewolf sculpture bust

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"American Werewolf in London"


Working from screen caps, the head was modelled in water based clay and was sealed and moulded in fibreglass. Next a silicone rubber copy was produced and fitted upon a fibreglass underskull.The skin was then painted in various tones to try and match what’s seen on screen as closely as possible, but also add a touch more realism for in person viewing.The teeth were sculpted in a wax based clay, moulded and produced in dental acrylic. These were then attached inside the head and blended in. Next was the hair application, all hand punched and mostly human, with some grey artificial thrown into the mix. Very time consuming, but the end result makes it worth while. Once this was completed, the bust was glued to a solid wooden base turned up and stained, and the final touches added, such as saliva and a liberal dose of hairspray to hold everything in place.
American werewolf prop replica
American werewolf in london