Jack Nicholson sculpture as R.P.McMurphy

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The aim of this sculpture was to try and capture Jack Nicholson as R.P.McMurphy in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, with quite a mad look on his face as he squirts his fellow "inmates" with water during one scene in the film.

Using as many photographs as I could find of him with a similar expression [which wasn't easy], he was sculpted in a plastiline clay over a few weeks. Once ready to mould, deviding walls were made, and a mould made from fibreglass. Once cleaned and ready, translucent silicone rubber was injected and left to cure. Once demoulded and cleaned up, he was painted in layers, before eyes and teeth were inserted. After that, hair was implanted for his scalp, sideburns eyebrows and lashes. Finally, the T-shirt and Scrubs were cut to size and glued to the bust before he was fitted to his base.


Lifesize silicone portrait of Jack as McMurphy


R.P.McMurphy silicone lifesize portrait sculpture