Kick ass life size silicone bust statue

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Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kick Ass, life size silicone bust statue


"Kick Ass "

Life size bust of Aaron Taylor Johnson as Dave Lizewski - "Kick Ass"


Starting by finding reference photos of Aaron Johnson to work from, the clay form was roughed out on top of a steel armature, then I concentrated on the head for the next couple of weeks. We were after a slightly confused look [if you've seen the film, you'll understand].

Once happy, skin detailing was added, it was sealed and, moulded in fibreglass before a silicone copy cast. Painted in a number of layers to replicate skin, human hair was then implanted, then styled to give him his trademark curly locks. Acrylic eyes were then made and inserted into his head.

To finish him off, his slightly cheesy looking superhero suit was lastly added.




Dave Lizewski "Kick Ass" life size silicone bust statue




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