Leonidas portrait sculpture closeup

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This is a lifesize portrait and upper torso silicone sculpture of Leonidas, king of Sparta from the film 300. Based on the graphic novels of Frank Miller, and played by Gerard Butler.

It was first sculpted in water based clay onto a steel armature over a period of 3 weeks until it was ready to mould. The mould was then fashioned from fibreglass and the clay removed, before pigmented silicone rubber injected. Once cleaned and seamed, this was then painted with a number of colour washes to give a realistic skin like effect. Next, hair was implanted one follicle at a time to give him his beard, scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. The final tasks were to make his cloak from a heavy woollen material and leather, along with the brooch and arrows, eyes, and lastly a display stand.


300 silicone leonidas statue


Realistic Leonidas spartan sculpture