David the Vampire from the 1987 movie The Lost Boys, life size silicone bust statue

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"The Lost Boys - David "



Kiefer Sutherland as David the vampire, from 1987’s "The Lost Boys" movie.

After considering how to represent him as a sculpture, it was decided that the look from the poster for the film was the only viable option to capture his essence.

Pictures of Kiefer without makeup and screen shots of him from the movie in makeup, along with the poster picture, were used as reference to sculpt the portrait over a few weeks. Once moulded, he was cast in a silicone skin over fibreglass and painted to simulate the painted foam latex kind of look from the film. Human hair was implanted for the scalp and custom made acrylic eyes and teeth made.

Finally a top, leather jacket and raincoat were added for costume, and an earring made from silver wire and leather.




The Lost Boys - David the vampire, life size silicone portrait statue bust

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David from The Lost Boys, 1:1 silicone portrait bust statue made from silicone rubber, fibreglass, human hair and costume

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