Lurtz from Lord of the Rings, life size realistic silicone bust, also made from fibreglass, leather and acrylics

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Life size 1:1 replica bust statue of Lurtz from “The Fellowship of the Ring”, the first of "The Lord of the Rings" films.

Collecting images as reference, first thing to do was build a steel armature on to which water based clay could applied. Over the next two weeks, most attention was given to sculpting the head to create a good likeness. Once I was happy, skin detailing finished it off, and the clay sculpture was moulded in fibreglass. Out of this a silicone skinned head on a fibreglass torso was created, and the head painted in layers for skin tones, before the white hand print added. Lastly, a "dirt" layer finished the look off. Implanting the hair, texturing it, and making acrylic eyes and teeth completed the head.

Next step was the armour. A breast plate was sculpted and cast in fibreglass, on to which 2mm leather was custom coloured and sewn/riveted onto it. A dark brown cloth was weathered and attached to the torso, before the armour added to complete the bust.

He stands 87cm tall including base.




Lurtz 1:1 hyper real life size silicone statue bust.

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Lurtz from Fellowship of the ring - Lord of the Rings realistic silicone bust, also made with fibreglass, hair, leather and acrylics.

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