Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome 1:1 life size realistic silicone bust

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Mel Gibson as “Mad Max"



A “Beyond the Thunderdome” look was decided on here. Half the film he has long hair and unshaven, the other half quite well groomed but still with his scruffy clothing. So I tried to get somewhere in between the two looks. After collecting photos of Mel around his 30’s [not easy as it turns out to find nice sharp defined photos], I set about the sculpture. I was trying to get a untrusting sort of look to him with this one.

Over a steel armature, water clay was used to sculpt him over several weeks. Once ready he was moulded in fibreglass and a platinum silicone skinned copy cast from it, painted in a number of this washes to simulate skin. Next was implanting his hair for the scalp, brows, lashes and facial hair. Once trimmed and styled, custom made acrylic eyes were inserted.Finally, his shoulder pad shell was sculpted and cast from fibreglass over a fabricated under-pad with leather straps, and a biker style leather jacket suitably weathered before attaching both to the finished display bust.



Mad Max 1:1 silicone bust sculpture from Beyond the Thudnerdome

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Mel Gibson as Mad Max life size silicone portrait