Milla Jovovich nude statue


"Milla Jovovich"



I've always loved hand toned black and white photographic prints, and this spawned the idea for this sculpture. Hand toned prints give you a real depth and texture to a photograph, especially of people and flesh, and are in my opinion much more interesting than colour or straight forward black and white images. The sculpture was modelled in clay over a steel armature, and took a few weeks to arrive at a state I was happy with, and capture the sensuality I wanted.

The final casting was stained and lacquered to give me the metallic sepia effect I had envisioned. The figure is full size down to her thighs, and stands 80cm high, 32cm wide and 28 cm deep

Commissions taken for indoor and outdoor sculpture, miniature to lifesize and larger in various styles and subjects..


Milla nude lifesize statue
Milla metal statue