Poltergeist vomit 1:1 statue

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Poltergeist "vomit creature"



This sculpture is of the 'Vomit Creature' from Poltergeist II. XFX supervised the special make-up and creature fx working from H.R Giger's concept paintings. This bust sculpt needed to be close to a shot in the film where the creature turns to look at Craig T Nelson (having just exited his body) before scurrying off.

Working from screen caps and the DVD it was built up in water based clay before being moulded and cast in fibreglass. This was then painted in many translucent washes to achieve a depth and blend the colours together in a subtle way. To finish off the look stringy slime was made from translucent silicone rubber as well as some globules over the base to complete the effect.

Lifesize poltergeist Giger statue
Poltergeist vomit creature bust