Lifesize predator head

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Predator is a favourite for many a monster movie fan. Kevin Peter Hall was the man in the suit and gave it its menacing performance and sheer size. Stan Winston studio created the suits with Steve Wang having had a large hand in its fabrication. This life size prop replica head was first sculpted in oil based clay over a head former. This was then moulded and cast as a silicone skin and fitted upon a fibreglass under skull. It was painted in many layers and tones to get that fleshy feel before dental acrylic teeth were cast, stained and added along with custom made eyes. Foam filled silicone dreadlocks were fabricated and then glued and bolted individually to the under skull. The head was then mounted into the fibreglass collar and the spines were painted and glued in. Finally he was placed upon a purpose built display stand.



1:1 Predator replica bust
Predator replica head bust