Kate Beckinsale as selene from Underworld, life size bust statue

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"Selene - Underworld "



Life size bust of Kate Beckinsale as Selene from the Underworld movies.

A specific look was decided on, and I went about collecting as many photographs of Kate in a similar sort of expression. Not easy as it turned out, as you don’t tend to make those sorts of expressions in photoshoots! Screen caps, although okay, aren’t really sharp enough to capture fine detail and contrast enough to work from much of the time.

Although I could find quite a lot of high resolution pictures of Kate for the general head shape and proportions, the expression was very hard to get to look right from all angles.After a several week battle, the clay was sealed and moulded in fibreglass, and a silicone and fibreglass copy made. This was de-seamed and then painted in many fine layers. Although her skin is pale, it should still look like skin. I found the initial painting of her, once dark hair and clothing placed on, was far too light and made her look like a ghost. Some more colour layers were applied, until I was happy enough.

Hair was then implanted for her scalp, eye brows and lashes. The original idea was to have her hair swept across her face in a wind swept look, but after reviewing what it looked like, seeing her face was preferable. Eyes were made to look like contact lenses, then dressed replica clothing to finish the look.



Selene from Underworld, life size portrait bust statue

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