Wolfman 2010 life size Benicio Del Toro realistic statue sculpture

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"The Wolfman"



Life size 1:1 replica sculpture of Benicio Del Toro as “The Wolfman”.

After collecting as many images and screen caps as I could find that would be useful,

a pose was decided upon and a steel and aluminium armature made, over which water based clay could be applied. After several weeks sculpting, a mould was made in a number of pieces, and a silicone and fibreglass copy of the original sculpture produced. This was then painted to replicate the make-ups as close as I could.

Human hair as then implanted into the upper body and head, as well as the hands/arms. Quite a long process on this one. Fingernails, teeth and eyes were made in acrylic, painted and attached.

Finally the hair was cut and styled, he was dressed, and a liberal amount of “blood” added, to give the feel of the scenes from the film we were referencing.

The Wolfman Benicio Del Toro version, 1:1 life size monster statue sculpture

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The Wolfman realistic  replica 1:1 monster statue sculpture