Brandon Lee as eric Draven - the Crow realistic silicone lifesize portrait bust

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Brandon Lee as Eric Draven

"The Crow”


After a pose/look was decided on, as many detailed photos of Brandon were collected as I could find. Once enough were found, a steel armature was made and water based clay used to build up the form. Over a few weeks the likeness was refined, the final step – adding skin details and pores.

Once finished, the clay was sealed and a multi piece fibreglass mould made to produce the negative form. From this, a silicone skin on fibreglass core casting was produced, pigmented to a translucent skin base colour. Firstly painted to a realistic skin colour, the makeup colours were then added on top.

Eyes were hand made from acrylic, pigments and silk thread, along with dental acrylic teeth.

Next step was to implant the hair into the scalp, cut and dress it. Lastly the costume was added and glued into place.



The crow realistic 1:1 portrait silicone bust

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Eric Draven from The Crow, lifesize realistic silicone portrait statue sculpture