Brad Pitt life size sculpture, of him playing Tyler Durden from Fight Club

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"Brad Pitt - Fight Club "



Tyler Durden life size bust played by Brad Pitt from the cult film Fight Club.

After collecting a number of photos to work from and an expression decided, the clay head sculpture was modelled until I had a straight portrait of Brad. it was then adjusted to get the untypical expression we wanted for this character.

Once happy, a fibreglass mould was made, and a silicone version of the head produced. After painting it in a number of translucent layers to simulate skin, Individual hairs were then implanted one at a time for his scalp, beard/stubble, eye brows and eye lashes.

Acrylic eyes were then fashioned to match his own and inserted, and was finished off with a painted t-shirt, leather jacket and replica sunglasses.





Close up of Brad Pitt silicone bust statue


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Tyler Durden from Fight Club, portrait sculpture life size bust