Life size clay portrait sculpture of aisii as a demoness before moulding.






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Commissioning work:

Please feel free to browse some of my past work, and do get in touch if there is something you may want me to make for you, be it new or existing in one of my galleries. Of particular interest is new work of original design [either by me or already conceptualised]. Do not think if it’s not in my galleries, I am neither interested nor suitable.

Please email or phone with your requirements and I can give you an estimate of cost. If of interest, but the commission requires me to calculate the final costing more accurately, a more definitive figure can then be calculated and forwarded at a later date.

Andy wright of Artifexcreations sculpting a portrait bust

Andy Wright

Born in 1971, art has been a part of my life since I can remember. At school, I purely drew and painted. Sculpture was something you got messy with, and I didn’t like that![If you could see the messes I get myself into now!]

On leaving school, I started to experiment with sculpting again. For some reason, now it made more sense to me, and got me hooked. I practically dropped my pencil overnight never to be used again, and switched to clays, knives, callipers and various other tools. It's an addiction that 20 years later shows no signs of ending.

My first employment out of school was to work for a figurine manufacturer.This helped me greatly, by introducing me to industrial techniques of moulding and casting. It made the lessons learnt in schoolto look very crude, using antiquated materials and techniques. With these new methods and skills, so much more was possible – really only limited by your imagination and invention

Humanity, nuance of gesture and physical expression have been growing in importance to me, as I start to focus my own work more on evoking an emotional connection that goes deeper than merely aesthetical appreciation. It has to allow for interpretation so the viewer can make their own connections and mind up.I don’t like to say “this is what it is, this is what it means”If it speaks to you then good. If it doesn’t…..that’s good too. You can’t please everyone.

As for my choice in materials, I use what I deem most suitable for each project.These range from realistic skin materials silicone and plastics, to various metals etc.I enjoy experimentation, be that in subject, scale or materials, which leads me to trying something new in most projects. There’s always something new to learn or improve upon. Doesn’t always make for an easy life, but that means it’s never dull!

Galleries, dealers and agents: feel free to make contact if I am of interest.