Lord of Darkness 1:1 lifesize statue

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"Lord of Darkness"



Darkness from the movie "Legend" [Played by Tim Curry]was designed under the leadership of famous creaturefx designer Rob Bottin. As is the case with things like this, many people were involved with the creation of it. Miles Teves asa designer and Henry Alvarez as key sculptor to name but two.

For my stab at recreating him (I've seen several attempts at it, and none have been very close to the original design),I wanted to get as close as I reasonably could. Some small details were changed on purpose, some I didn't have enough reference to work from and the others I noticed when it was too late. It's fundamentally him though, and to see him standing there full size is pretty cool. I can only imaging what it was like on set when Tim first walked out on stage in his make-up.
This replica prop of him took many many weeks to build.




Legend Darkness replica prop statue
Darkness from Legend head
Legend Darkness statue