Demoness life size mythical wall and plinth moutanble statue cast with a pewter finish

Edward Norton realistic portrait sculpture bust as Derek Vinyard from American History X
Voldemort life size realistic silicone skinned statue film replica
Snake Plissken realistic silicone bust sculpture
Demoness classical wall mounted sculpture based on the model Aisii
Leonidas sculpture bust
Hyperrealist lifelike man sculpture
Jack Nicholson as the Joker life size silicone bust sculpture from 1989 Batman
 1987's Lost Boys - life size silicone potrait bust sculpture
Wolverine life size realistic sculpture
Bronze miniature statue
Darth Maul life size realistic display statue
Blade life size silicone portrait bust
Brandon Lee as eric Draven - The Crow, life size realistic potrait silicone bust Aragorn celebrity portrait bust
  De Niro realistic portrait sculpture bust Surreal pearl statue McMurphy sculpture Kick Ass life size realistic bust, made from Silicone rubber, hair, acrylics etc Jack silicone lifesize bust  
  Mad Max Beyond the Thudnerdome life size silicone portrait statue Selene from Underworld, life size display statue bust Nude female statue Brad Pitt life size sculpture as Tyler Durden from Fight Club Milla metal statue